If you live in or around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire why visit a cultured bridal fayre?

It is a year or a couple of months to the wedding and both Bride and Groom think they have enough time to  plan for the big day, but do they really?

From experience of numerous weddings successfully planned and delivered, the conclusion is that the earlier the planning and sourcing for the big day starts, the better and less stressful the whole process is. After all, it is meant to be the biggest and one of the most fun days of your lives, so why the stress. Starting early usually means you have first pickings of the best service providers and venues, you have time to bounce around potential ideas, visit the best fayres available (which is where Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire (HBB) Fayre comes to mind.) As with everything in life, you are most likely not to get the planning or ideas right at first try, so the idea/opportunity of speaking to experienced hands, gathering the right information, hearing experiences from others, all means you improve your chances of delivering a fantastic wedding day.

What should a Bride & Groom  be aiming to achieve at The HBB Fayre?

  • The best wedding Fayres should give you access to the top service providers decorators, photographers, caterers, wedding cake providers, make-up artist, dressers, dress accessories, car services, flower suppliers etc.
  • Come to the Fayre with loads of questions and aim for all these to be covered as part of your discussions with the suppliers.
  • View services on offer and this in theory will help close off any open questions, decisions, planning you have niggling thoughts on.
  • Review each suppliers products, services and pricing and that should help make an informed decision.
  • Most suppliers will offer discounts at the Fayre, so if you have enough information to make informed decisions, do not hesitate to book consultations.
  • 360Hype Event Management, whose parent company is the organiser of the Fayre will be on hand to offer introductory consultations and advice on any aspect of your planning.
  • Understand the timelines and deadlines to booking services or ordering products e.g. how early/late should I be booking my wedding dress, fitting suits etc.
  • Most importantly, aim to leave the Fayre happier, more confident and all geared up for finalising plans for your big day.

What’s the next step?

Brides, Grooms & Visitors

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Get a notepad or your tablet and start to compile questions that pop into your head, could be when you wake up at 2am for a drink, as these ideas tend to pop up at odd hours of the day. Ideally, we would suggest pen and paper, as you are more connected as you scribble pen to paper. Also means you have a hard copy of these notes for your after wedding souvenir for your history.

Join the HBB “croFACEBOOKwd” on Facebook and get interactive, asking our experienced group of consultants questions or points you need clarification on.
Begin to take advantage of our service provider loyalty links, we have access to a variety of providers who offer 360Hype Event Management concessions for clients introduced through us.