Written by Patience K Clottey from Eating 4 A Change

We have had some lovely weather and it looks set to continue over the next few weeks. So while you are enjoying the summer sunshine, it is important to stay hydrated. Our body is made up of sixty percent water and we can easily lose a lot of it rather quickly in the heat. It is therefore natural to replenish the water you lose to avoid dehydration.

Drinking the right fluids is important for your weight and health. Since the body is made up of sixty percent water, it makes sense to drink water. But this is not the case for a lot of people. Instead, fruit juices and sodas (fizzy drinks) are the preferred thirst quencher for most people nowadays. The problem is these drinks are full of sugar with no nutritional value.

I understand that it is tempting to buy sweet drinks instead of water because they’re cheaper. But if you’re drinking a lot of fruit juices in this hot weather, you would gain about seven pounds bluehost before the summer is over. Yes, half a stone! And that’s just fruit juices. An occasional glass or two is fine but if it’s your only source of drink then you’re putting your health at risk.

It would be to your greatest advantage if you made water your friend. Here’s why:

1. Water flushes toxins and waste from the body through urination and perspiration. Water helps reduce constipation and aids in bowel movements which ensures that wastes are removed quickly and regularly before they can become poisonous in the body. You wouldn’t believe how many people have thanked me about this.

2. Water also lubricates our joints and cartilages and allows them to move more fluidly. Water could be the solution to your stiff joints!

3. Water keeps headaches at bay. I remember as a kid that whenever I complained of a headache, I was told to drink a glass of water, and when I did so, the pain would vanish. This has stayed with me, and I tell my children the same.

4. Water improves your complexion. It keeps your skin fresh, soft, glowing and spot free. I rarely get spots anywhere on my body. If I do then it means I’m not drinking enough water. I remember once advising a lady that water is the solution to the spots she’s having on her face. She thought I was crazy until she tried it! Water is the best anti-ageing treatment!

5. Water promotes weight loss. It increases your metabolism, suppresses hunger and it has zero calories! The bottom line? Don’t add anymore pounds to your waistline this summer. Drink more water!


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